There's not much to say about me, except that writing is my stress release. Currently that involves lots of Doctor/Rose. Huge thanks to the lovely Vannadear for making my amazing icon for me!

Oh adding this for reasons. This is not a spoiler free blog. I try and tag but I'm not perfect.


Anonymous asked
have i ever said how much i love tkross, burntlikethesun, billiepiedpiper and bittie752? <3
Anonymous asked
More fanfic?

Like in general or on a specific fic?

I’m hoping to find to find time to work on Anaphylaxis soon. But it’s hard when the in laws are visiting.

Past that, I have no other fics or bunnies in the works.

Anonymous asked
Okay this may sound stupid, but does it ever frustrate you when you write a fic and someone comments "this is an interesting start". like wtf do mean? do you mean its good, bad, or just ehh?

Sometimes, yeah. But it’s hard to know intent sometimes in a review. Written words can’t convey inflection like spoken ones. And I’ve spent lots of time wondering what people mean, especially when I’m worried about how a certain piece of writing is going to be received.